Privacy Policy

Important Privacy Choice Information for Sonoma State University Alumni 

The Sonoma State University Alumni Association respects your right to privacy, and safeguards any information you provide to us or we receive from the University. Because the Association's mission and purpose is to promote connections between alumni and between alumni and the University, the Association maintains personal information about alumni.

How we use the information we collect:
• The Association collects information from various sources: information you send us, memberships, online directory, e-mails, etc., and information we receive from the University.
• Our database use is restricted to the Association and the University. We do not sell or trade alumni information with any organization not directly affiliated with us.
• The Association has formed relationships with companies in order to provide services to alumni and friends, and to generate revenue that helps us provide benefits and services to alumni and the University. Before entering into a partnership with companies that we deem reputable and reliable, the Association considers their practices regarding use of customer information and enters into an agreement as to how the information may be used in marketing their products or services. The Association does not provide any records or data to these companies.

If you do not wish to be contacted by these companies or by the Alumni Association or University, notify us and we will ensure your name is suppressed. Click here for an opt out form. Your name will be removed from circulation as soon as possible.

Sonoma State University Alumni Association