2008 Ambrose R. Nichols Jr. Scholarship

Catherine Hare

MA, Biology
School of Science and Technology

BA, Biology
School of Science and Technology

Ms. Hare is a graduate student working toward a master's degree in Biology in the School of Science and Technology. She earned a bachelor's degree in Biology in 2007 and while attending SSU she has maintained a 4.0 GPA. Ms. Hare has been very active in community work to promote careers in Science to young women and the Biology programs offered at SSU to prospective students of all ages.

In addition to the wetlands master's project Ms. Hare developed with the help of the City of Santa Rosa, she is also investigating the production of renewable energy from the biomass the aquatic plants and algae accrue as they grow. She also works as a student intern in Project Development for the City of Santa Rosa. On this project, the team works to implement solutions such as environmental purchasing policies, bring your own bag initiatives, and solar panel installations. Her long-term goal is to play a role in the envionmental arena and work as an environmental project development manager.