Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the SSUAA Member Benefits Program


What is a Member Benefit?

A deal or discount on a business’s product, service or program offered to members of the Sonoma State University Alumni Association.


What is required of me as a Member Benefit Provider?

Aside from providing our alumni members with a deal on your great product/service/program, all we ask is that you verify their affiliation with us by requesting to see a valid SSUAA Membership Card at time of purchase. (Sample shown below.)


What’s in it for me?

How about free publicity for your business; direct access to engaged and educated prospective customers; and the opportunity to increase exposure of your product/service/program to a group of 55,000 Sonoma State alums.


How many people will potentially learn about my Benefit?

The SSU Alumni Association newsletter is distributed to roughly 17,000 Sonoma State alumni, retired faculty, parents and community friends. The University Magazine, Insights, is mailed twice-a-year to more than 55,000 readers. Our website attracts about 90,000 hits annually, this year with 75% new visitors! And, our Facebook page just surpassed our 5,000 “Likes” goal.


How long is my discount good for?

As long as you want.  But we ask that you commit to at least one year due to costs incurred to produce promotional materials. If you decide you’d like to stop providing your benefit, just let us know in writing and we will discontinue the offer within 30 days.


How much does it cost me?

Absolutely nothing! Our compensation is being able to offer our members a great deal on your product/service/program.


How does the SSU Alumni Community find out about my Member Benefit?

Information about your SSU Alumni Association Benefit will be posted on the SSU Alumni Association website, featured on our Facebook page, listed in membership materials and spotlighted in the group’s electronic monthly newsletter. Magazine readers will also be encouraged to check out our Benefits Package with a link to information.


What does being featured on Facebook mean?

We will schedule periodic postings highlighting a specific Member Benefit with a link to the company’s website. And don’t be surprised if the SSU mascot Lobo gives the post a big “thumbs up.”


How do I submit my Member Benefit?

It’s easy! Just go to the alumni website, enter Sonoma State Alumni Association Membership Discount Agreement in the search field, and then fill out and submit the online form. We’ll be in contact soon after to discuss all the details. Or, you can call the Alumni Office at 707.664.2426 to arrange the agreement.


My Member Benefit Agreement is in place. Now what?

Get ready for interested Sonoma State alumni to happily take advantage of your Member Benefit. We do ask that you verify affiliation by requesting to see their SSUAA Membership Card at time of purchase. (Sample shown below.)


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